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Thank you for visiting our website. We are Locksmith Burnsville, and here you will find some personal information and a piece of our history as a business (they are often the same thing).

For us, it was not a no-brainer to realize that we needed to become businesspeople. The epiphany came slowly, and the final decision was more about necessity than corporate vision. That necessity was that we lost our jobs after the security business we worked for went to bankruptcy.

In that moment, we knew that our time was limited. Our minds became pressed with the idea of not being able to find a better job or at least an equal one. We decided to put our effort in a new business and used our savings to get it started. We don’t know exactly where our bravery came from, but we bought locksmith in tools, some replacement parts, and opened a small agency as part of the “Heart of the City” project in 2009.

The project attracted a lot of attention and our services were well received by the community. Lots of businesses, car ,owners and homeowners wanted to know more about our security systems, locks, and other services. After two years, our little company became profitable and we were ready to grow by hiring a couple more technicians and expanding our product stock and service portfolio.

By 2012 we opened our second agency in the other extreme of the city, that way we covered the farthest neighbourhoods and took some jobs from nearby cities as well. In January 2015, we opened two more agencies and increased our mobile fleet significantly. Today, we hold the first place among locksmiths in town, but we always remember the hard beginnings and the values needed to prevail in a world of fierce competition.

Have a nice read on our website, and don’t forget to add our phone number to your contact list!